Business quarter with a dignified history and a good aura

Flora House is a business quarter with a long history and a good aura. The historic factory buildings A and B have become neighbours of the dignified neighbouring house C.

Flora House is located next to the busy Kristiine intersection. That is why the Flora Maja has always been popular among companies needing office, service or retail space.

Location benefits:

  • City centre and other districts are easily accessible
  • Lots of services nearby
  • Convenient access using bus, trolley or train
  • Parking in the courtyard of the business district
  • ELMO electric car rental point

Parking and ELMO Rent

  • Guests of Flora Maja have access to parking free of charge for up to 30 minutes, if you register using the parking interface.

  • Parking is added to the rental price according to the places selected and the valid price list.

  • Flora Maja parking lot has an electric car rental point ELMO Rent.

  • All tenants can use the Flora House bicycle.

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